Window Repair and Replacement San Jose

Minor windshield damages usually come into major forms. Either chips or cracks. A chip on the windshield is generally damage in the windshield that marks the point of impact due to debris. The form of these impacts can be different. It can be in the form of a star break, like a short crack forming outward from the center of the impact. It can be a bulls-eye, in a circular form or a partial bulls-eye, half-circle. It can be a crack chip which is a small crack in the windshield smaller than one inch, or it can be a pit. The cracks tend to create a distinct line in the glass that can extend from an inch to the complete width of your windshield. They can be horizontal lines, straight, or somewhat wavy lines. But even the long cracks are possible of window repair and replacement San Jose.

Can the Chips and Cracks in your Auto Glass be repaired?

Window Repair and Replacement San Jose

You need to keep in mind this only applies to the windows of a car. These windows are made up of laminated glass. Most of the side windows and the glass of the vehicle need replacement because they are made with tempered glass which is irreparable. The factor that determines whether or not your windshield can be repaired or not are: the size of the crack, the depth, and the location of the crack. Larger and deeper cracks in the windshield tend to extend towards the edges of your windshield that are more likely in need of replacement in place of smaller shallow chips which are away from the edge of the windshield. So when in doubt, opt for windshield replacement San Jose. So let’s look more into the deciding factors of the crack that determine window repair and replacement San Jose.

Size of the Crack

The industry of windshield repairs is advancing rapidly, so the ability of the experts of effective window repair and replacement San Jose changes often depending on the repair company. But when speaking generally, the chips which are smaller than a quarter, or up to three inches, they can be repaired easily. The repairs may vary according to the location of the damage as well as the shop’s capabilities.


The depth of the crack is closely related to the size of the damage, but it is concerned with how deep the damage has penetrated the windshield. In easier words, a windshield is a glass sandwich, with an outer layer of glass, an interlayer, and an inside layer of glass. If the damage is through the outer and inner layer of glass, it is too deep to perform window repair and replacement San Jose, and you will have to look for the process of windshield replacement San Jose.


Window Repair and Replacement San Jose

The location of the damage plays a huge role in the ability to perform windshield repair. If the damage is on the outer edge of the glass, the structural integrity of the windshield is compromised. Because the windshield is responsible for up to 60% of the structural strength of the vehicle, the windshield replacement San Jose service must be done effectively and on time.

LG Auto Glass

LG Auto Glass provides the services of window repair and replacement San Jose as well as windshield replacement San Jose for their clients. They assess the situation and condition of the glass to make a complete judgment as to what process needs to take place for effective repairs and replacement. Visit LG Auto Glass service station for more information on the matter.


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